Top up your mobile

This is my first time living in Thailand, so of course I needed a cellphone. My first month a friend from work helped me set everything up. But this month, I wanted to take everything into my own hands. Topping up is super easy in Thailand because most phones are pay as you go. 300 bhat, or 10 Canadian dollars, gives me unlimited internet and about 100 daytime minutes, which is perfect for one month. (apps like skype and line and kakao allow you to call people for free). So I went to 7/11 and paid them the money. They gave me my receipt and a print out. I am with True Mobile. And with this company you just call them with your code to top up your phone. So lets pretend my code is 123456789. Then I enter this into my phone *123* top up code which is 123456789 and then pound #

Hit call, and within seconds you receive a text msg saying your phone was topped up!

Easy peezy!

Thailand Day 23

 Advice for travelers in Thailand is as follows:

 Strictly avoid all demonstration sites due to the risk of a military offensive. Heed the instructions of all military personnel, and allow additional time for travel, especially to and from Bangkok Airport (BKK). Monitor local media for updates on any security actions.

 Obey the curfew and any other instructions from military personnel. Strictly avoid the protest camps, as violence is highly possible in the surrounding areas. As local media has been shut down, monitor the military media for updates on the situation.

Thailand Day 22

Today when I came home from school I stopped at the meat slab for an early supper. Bless the people who work there, I feel like they’re a family to me. I had fresh rice with sweet and sour chicken and veggies. I’m sure the mother could see how hot I was because she brought me some ice cold water with a lime. As I sat there eating my scrumptious meal, I watched tv as I normally do. I have a habit of watching tv when I eat and I really enjoy doing so. Even though it’s in Thai, I try to follow along. So as I was watching the show, it was cut off and there was a military broadcast. 

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Thailand Day 1

So apartments….

Now Thailand is very different to Korea. There is no doubt about that. And I honestly think I was super spoiled in Korea because I lived in a place that was so nice that it was comparable to condos in Toronto. Sigh… I miss you loft. Anyways so because my friends and I are only here for 3 months are living situation in Thailand is…. sub par… to say the least. But it will do for 3 months no problem. Especially since we are away every weekend…

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